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제 목 [17's Diary - 지수] 2014/02 '집에 다녀왔어요'
첨부파일 작성인 SEVENTEEN 등록일 2014.02.04


지난 1월에 미국 집에 다녀 왔습니다. 미국 다녀온지 거의 9개월은 된 거 같아요. 시험 보러 다녀왔지만 그래도 친구들이랑 가족들 볼 수 있어서 좋았습니다. 도착해서 제가 다녔던 고등학교를 다녀왔어요. 변한 게 없이 그대로더라구요. 친구들도 저를 가루쳐주셨던 선생님도, 모든게 너무 반가웠어요. 여기저기 학교를 다니는데 모르는 사람들이 알아보더라구요? 그게 참 신기했어요. 어떻게 날 알아보지? 하고 한참을 신기해했어요.

제가 친구를 만나러 지하철을 타고 갈려고 했어요. 정거장에 내려서 길을 찾아 가는데 잘못 찾겠더라구요. 오랜만에 와서 그런지 길을 까먹었나봐요. 15분 걸리는 거리를 거히 1시간 동안 해매다가 겨우 친구를 불러서 같이 갔었다니까요.  

저는 그 동안 잘 못 먹었던 ‘IN N OUT’ 도 많이 먹었고요. 지인들도 만나서 (지인이라는 단어 오늘 배웠어요) 즐거웠고 이런저런 추억도 많이 만들고 돌아온 것 같아요.

또 다음엔 친구들, 동생들 다 데리고 같이 와서 여기저기 다 구경시켜줬음 좋겠다고도 생각했어요!!


I went to my hometown, Los Angeles on January to take my GED. It has been over 9 months since I’ve left L.A. Although the reason I went was to take my GED, I’m glad that I had the chance to see my friends and family. Once I arrived I took a visit to the highschools that I attended before coming to Korea, DMHS and Grover Cleveland Highschool. I thought there would be many changes to the schools but everything was still the same. I saw all the friends that I used to hang out with and all my old teachers which made me reminisce all the good times that I’ve had in highschool. During my visit many people that I didn’t know recognized who I was, which was pretty cool because just nine months ago I was attending school like them.


During my trip I wanted to visit my friend’s house so I took the subway to get to his house. After getting off at my stop I went outside and tried walking to his house. I used to go to his house often so I thought I would remember all the streets, but I couldn’t. In the course of nine months I had forgot all my streets. I had to eventually call my friend to pick me up. What would have taken me 15 minutes, took me over an hour after getting lost!!!! XD


I also ate the In N Out I was craving so much while in Korea!!!! Yay!! :] I’m glad I was able to see and spend time with all my friends and family. This trip, I can say was one of the most memorable trips that I have ever had in my life. After not being able to see my friends and family for so long, I now truly understand the saying,”you don’t know what you’re missing till it’s gone.” The next time I go I hope I can go with all the members and show give them a tour of my hometown, L.A.


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