제 목 Seventeen and CEO Pledis Entertainment
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Dear Seventeen,


My name is Norhidayatul Iqmal but I prefer people call me as Shin. I'm born in nineteen ninety seven. This is my love letter for you guys. This is also my first time writing a letter for idol actually. I have been liking some idol before, and I like them for five years. But when the idol that I like is getting into show We Got Married, I stop following them anymore. I stop all kind of activities like watching and hear to kpop song. There is one thought in my head, even if I like idol, it just I know them but they don't know me. So what the point in liking them. I also stop my desire to go to the university in Korea. After two years forgetting them, it came back to me without I realized it. It happened when I was asking my friend a korean drama and she gave it to me with another file in my usb disk that contain all kind of korean pop song. I was about to delete it but I saw Seventeen name. I was like, "oh! new group". That time I thought, watching it doesn't make me die. Then I watched it and it was Mansae song. that time, my interested in korean pop song got up a little. It went up more when I watched reality show that called thirteen castaway boy. I became completely fall for you guys. I also realized that Jun look like Hee Chul while Joshua look like Aaron Yan. I also fall for Mingyu and Wonwoo cuteness. I start to collected all of Seventeen videos even the videos from you guys before debut. I am falling for all of you and not just one of you guys. It is because each of you guys has a very unique characteristic. But even I am your fans, I can never met you guys. I can just watched you guys from television and internet. It impossible to go to your events or concerts. It not like I dont’ want to go, it just I cannot go. I am someone who will never can go to concert. I hope I can go to Korea one day by lucky or I save money for it. I also hope I can continue my studying in university at Korea. There one dream that I started want it became reality, that is I want to spend one whole day with seventeen and getting know more about concept of korean pop song but It will never happened though. Thank you to you guys for bring back my interest. I became a Carat and I love you guys. I love you, Seventeen. Thank you also to CEO of Pledis Entertainment for making you guys debut, because of you guys, my interest in KPOP also came back. Please never broke up. Support each other and be kindness to each other. If you guys have a proble, settle it with each other. I just don’t want Seventeen to be like other group who can’t stay together until the end. I want Seventeen to become like Shinhwa. They stay together for many years. I love you guys. I love Pledis Entertaintment. Love from me, Shin imnida. Love Mingyu and Wonwoo. Love Leader Seung Cheol. Love you guys Seventeen ^_^



From your dear Carat,




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