제 목 Make time. It's a Poem. Definitely not a declaration of my love.
첨부파일 작성인 K.D 등록일 2017.04.16

Let me make this clear, the attached isn't for anyone who won't understand. Sorry.


[My message to SEVENTEEN: I like all of you. That's about it.]

I wrote that when I was 17. I think. Little more than a year back. (My teacher told me it's not fit for the school magazine. Sigh.)
I really felt for it at that point of time. Funny how the way we look at things changes with time, even with our own creations. (Feels like another person tbh)
I don't particularly like to broadcast something I wrote. because that's just how seldom I do (at all- talking about writing). Howsoever, I really wanted it to be out there- anywhere.
It (the poem) is something that adsorbs into a lot of things that I've had to deal with. An 18 y.o saying something like that feel pretentious but, 18 years seem long to me.

Should it be the managerial team, that reads this... I don't expect you to pass it over. It's for anyone who understands ^^

Thank you.

~Off topic: I share birthdays with one particular member. Nothing noteworthy, but its always fun to have someone like that.~




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