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Haaa, I don`t know where to begin 😅 

봉봉이!!~ ...^^ how lovely!! 。◕‿‿◕。

김봉봉... hm, what if... 부봉봉...... 부봉봉... 😂 재미있어!

I think that your instagram is amazing~~! I really love it.. ~ and now that we have 봉봉이...ㅎ^^

(But I waited all day yesterday for your updates!! 😅) 


Well, I hope you enjoy your stay in America~ And I hope that you find many interesting things and try new food!

I hope you`re eating well! (but not junk food -.-) And also I`ve got a 팁 for you! ~ What do you think about the idea of going to the cinema there?!~ I wonder... I would love it - to go to the cinema in another country! You know, to see how is everything there o.o how`s the atmosphere and what is interesting inside?... 😅


Waiting for you and very verrrry verrry excited for your next comeback!!!~

여러분들, 수고했어요! 여러분들, 할수있어요~!! 여러분들, 구마워!

Have a great time in America!~ Have fun! Bye!~ See you soon!~ Annyong!


Michael jackson - P.Y.T (Pretty young Thing)


🥕 from Russia😂💌



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