제 목 Happy Birthday to Wonwoo from Brazil
첨부파일 작성인 0nana1 등록일 2017.07.17
I don't know how to do this I don't have an improved English so I'm using the translator, some things will go wrong.. But anyway.. I wanted to say first that I admire you a lot you have a huge talent !! Secondly, I love your smile is so beautiful~~ keep smiling like that! I love your voice, your way of being, I love you, even being so far, after Brazil is very far from Korea. But I've created a bond with you and Seventeen which is so surreal ... I did not even have the opportunity to see you up close, to meet you but you make me feel so good about your music and make me smile just to look and see that you are well and smiling. I even cry, but with pride and see you evolving so fast.  Wonwoo oppa, I want you to continue as you are and have fun, doing what you love fulfill all your dreams, and try not to get hurt or get sick! Happy birthday from Anna. Brazilian Carat. 원우야~~~ 생일축하합니다!!! 너무너무 사랑해요 ❤🇧🇷


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