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안녕하세요, 여러분 ~

잘지내요?? 잘지내요 바래요:)

How was the Hong Kong concert?? Was it good?~ 어~.. 그렇구나 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Ah.... :( 😅



"한 편의 너" with singer Yang Da Il is a very beautiiful beautiful song C:

Thank you!! 잘 들었어요! C:

I listened to it on the day when it was released, to be honest! I may be writing a bit late, sorry.. but I didn`t forget :)

I try to follow your updates, Seventeen!~

But usually when I write here I forget about many things!😅



You made a great harmony in this song~ Yang Da Il has a very soft and deep voice.

Actually, I didn`t know about him before, but I really liked this singer!~ (and I`m sure I don`t know about a lot of good korean singers😅) I`m listening to more of his songs now and quite like them :)

Dokyeom, your voice is very beautiful, and clear~! I don`t know how else I can put it, I just enjoy it :) (and high notes!wow!!)

(Seungkwan, I`ve been wanting to say this, that you have a beautiful deep singing voice!~ And your high notes are very powerful! :)


But I just enjoy your songs, in general, Seventeen...! 🙈 It`s hard to explain ><

Thank you, Seventeen, for making such a great team, every one of you!! :)


There`s one more `thank you` I want to say.. :) when I still remeber about it!🙈

Thank you for your advice that ears should rest.

That it`s not very good to listen to music too much before sleep. I realised it was bad, but thank you for actually saying it and reminding about it! Now I try to be more attentive C:

But I totally forgot who said it!😅 Mingyu?

I`m sorry🙈 But, anyway, thank you! This advice was very useful!~


I hope your 1st World tour is going well~! The fancams by the way, well, there are not many, but, they made me again even more want you to come to Russia one day!!~ I hope I`ll be able to see your performances live~


You also try to speak the language of the country, which is very sweet of you!

ผมรักคุณ "pom-rug-khun" ㅋㅋ

Fun fact!

I found out that "pom-rug-khun" said from male to female in Thai... but in russian language, there`s just a phrase "I love you" for every case, like in English :) It sounds like...

Like this: ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

(ㅎㅎㅎㅎ Did you watch it?)

And this is how to introduce yourself in russian!

Katusha will help you!!ㅎㅎ ~


To be honest, Katusha is a sweet way to say the original name - Katya :)

My name has a sweet form too ㅎㅎㅎ Hm, I guess every name can be made like this.. (even yours), we just have some cute suffixes in the language :)

I`m just so happy today 😅


And, "I'm so happy because of you"! Wow! The8! May I just say once again how happy I am for you that you`re actually not afraid to speak! Well done!~ And even if you were afraid, that`s okay...different people need different amount of time and that would not be a bad thing C:


So, continue to learn languages, Seventeen~ if you want to~

English!~ The8, Seungkwan? Japanese! Wonwoo and Dino learn Japanese..? I forgot ㅋㅋ

I wish you to take your time and not give up! And, especially, to understand the purpose why you learn. I think it is also important and will keep you going~ :) Fighting!


But.. Hm... Who learns russian??

Sad :( hahaha

Но ничего, вот приедете на концерт и выучите! ахаха

Русский язык достаточно красивый на самом деле, а также на русском языке написано много классической литературы :) Корейский тоже очень красивый, поэтому мне нравится его учить :) Файтин!


If `google translate` translated you "But, nothing" ahah it means "It`s okay"~

#LearningAboutRussianCulture ㅎㅎ


Right now, it`s still summer holidays~ but I have been sick 3 times already... more than in winter! Basically, because I forgot to wear a cap, or a hat when it was sunny :( So, this is why I asked you to wear one! And also remember to wear sunscreen.

In Russia it was mostly raining in June and half of July.. we even had 3 serious storms. :(

But right now it`s pretty good :) Tomorrow it is promised to be +29 degrees!!


In Russia we start school and university on the 1st of September, by the way.~


And also age in Russia is counted after you were born~ Say, you were born on the 8th of August 1995, for example... random date, then on the 8th of August 1996 you will be 1 year old. And on the 8th of August 2017 you are 22. :) You`re welcomeㅎ

I hope you don`t mind me writing you about this😅 I hope you find it interesting!~ C:


Remember to stay healthy!

Yesterday in the evening I went outside and.. it was pretty chilly (for meㅎ)

So right now I`m drinking hot tea with strawberry jam (which I highly recommend you to try with your tea :)

So, if you`re feeling cold, put a jacket on, even if everybody else is in t-shirts!

(and don`t worry about asking to turn off the air-con if you feel chillyㅎㅎ(high five, Jeonghan!😅)


I also hope that with your busy schedule you still get enough rest, and that you are in a good mood most of the time C:


I don't know when my next letter is going to be🙈 but, honestly, I don't want to plan anytning (and I don`t know if you actually read theseㅎㅎㅎ but I hope:)

And I think that there hasn`t been a day when I haven`t thought about you.. 😅


Alright. Bye now!

Fighting, Seventeen!


Your friendly fan

From Russia :)



다음글 지훈오빠에게🌸🌹