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Hello, Seventeen! :)
I haven`t forgotten about you! :)

How have you been doing?.. I hope well.. and Wonoo, I hope you`re feeling better, whatever that was that you had.

Jun and The8, "My I" music video was very pretty...! 😍 How you didn`t get tied up there?? :D It seems rather difficult, so... wow, thank you for making such interesting choreography. 역시, our performance team! :D
Ironically, while watching, I was twidlding with the necklace-chain that got tied up ahah! 😆
And the music in the beginning! Was it some... Chinese sound...? I`m not sure :D But it was pretty.... I think, I rewinded to listen to it again quite a few times... `:) C: Lately, I feel the want to find out something more about chinese culture! haha!
The song of course, is very interesting, so thank you again for it! It gives you some thoughts to think I already said :) And thank you, Woozi, Bumzu for arranging the song by the way :)
Chinese version sounded to me something like "

"내가 나를 속이지 않으면
방황하거나 슬퍼하지 않아" 💫

How`s your tour going? I`m glad it isn`t over yet C:
I hope you will have a happy and heartwarming time, and that you`ll bring so many good memories with you, that they will be a rejoice to come back to later :)
I have watched some fancams, for sure c: now - there are quite a few but I`m thankful for that :) And I really enjoy them :) Your ending speeches especially.... you have said some very good and right words... thank you again :) I really appreaciate it, and that you try to speak from your heart... C:
You have visited so many cities! This is also great :) By the way, the photos you made on instagram are so pretty! What a great view!~ 😍 Who took those photos? Was it Joshua? I really wonder... :)
And I actually wonder... how much of the city you can explore when you visit with a concert?.... :)
And I wonder what you found out in every city too.... eh... :[ hahah! ~

By the way, I really, really, very much want you to take care of your health! I hope you`ll be healthy! And will be eating not junk food mostly and will sleep enough and well. And you know! I noticed that what you have are rather: injuries or stomach problems.... haha a bit emrassing to talk about it.😅 
You need to try to be careful as possible! And eat healthily. You see, I understand... that sometimes while practicing very hard, you may forget about food... and skip meals, but you always tell us not to! You ask us not to skip meals and eat healthy... and then what are you doing? What kind of example do you give? 😂 (but I`m just really worried for you.... Because it is easier to prevent the problem... especially if it`s about healthy eating... :\)
So, make a timer or something, in case you forget. Search for some recepies together... and cook together :) Or devide in teams and cook in teams, and change teams then :) Or just start excluding some unhealthy products, one by one...not all at once. Today it is.... hm, for example - not 3 spoons of sugar in your tea but 1 😆 (exaaaample 😆) but I don`t really think, it is healthy to go on some diet.... just eat healthy, maybe?
And don`t really stop eating something tasty or sweet. Just eat it not often :) .... well, I have a feeling you already know all that! 😅
And sometimes, if people tell you that you`re still young and why should you worry or take care about your health, or some other things... I just don`t understand.... then, when do you need to think about it? :( When you`re already have some problems...? :(
So, yep! Take care of your health now and your organism will say `thank you` in the future! Hahah, I think my grandparents used to say so... `:D

And there`s also one thing... you see, in our russian Seventeen community there were such words said, something like... that "think reasonably, they are going to have families one day like you will. And we need to support their music etc. ..." Well, ahaha, and you know... it is what I understood almost from the beginning. Well... ahah, there are so many things that can be talked about...
Voice messages or "귀대귀대" ahah
But, I guess, the one main is... what to understand under the word "love". I think that love... is not only the feelings you have towards another person.
I see it as also - being kind, trying to understand another one, to listen, learning to compromise, to help each other, to learn together... and to accept another person, and his...let`s says flaws of character. You know, recently you can hear that many people say, they divorced because "had different view on something", "didn`t understand each other" etc. ... But, I think it is maybe unwillingness to undertand another person. But, of course, there are different situations.
Just if you are not sure - then don`t rush... to be in a relationship. You can be friends at first :)
If people only follow their own needs, this is more of an egoism... I think. Because love is not only taking but also giving.
You know.... If you don`t understand something about yourself then, why don`t you divorce with yourself? :) Why do you forgive yourself.... and can`t forgive another person? So, this is a difficult topic and I`m not an expert but I think that this understanding helps me a lot.
And I`m glad to have kind and friendly feelings for you :) You see, I think it also helps me to get a more.... well, sober image of you `:D
I guess... yes... well, hope you understood what I mean `:)
You see, I think it is not accidential that it is hard to say "I love you" to someone you don`t really know for a long time or to someone you don`t feel something to. So, I think it is not only feelings...or appearance etc. Because if it were... so, what, I could go to a pretty guy and say "I love you"? :`D Or people who are old, why do they love each other? Because they are pretty? It is something more there to their love, I think. So, and falling in love is not love yet, I think.
So, it is feelings but not only them... :) Yep :) It is I believe so! You may disagree :)

I also read the letters you wrote to the winners of the contest.... forgot its name `:)
Your letters were very caring and nice, and cute :) So kind of you that you were attentive to the letters you received :) I`m sure the fans were happy to read your letters and your beatiful and supportive words :)
....One especially caught my eye... MyI MYI MYI
The8, your poem.. it was very nice! C: Do you like poems? Do you write poems? Do you know... that I do too..! but just sometimes :) Sometimes.
Does anyone also like poems? ...Seungkwan? `:D
...나도 편지쓰게되어서 영광이야✨ :)

Recently the studying year started...and my nephew went to the 1st grade! >< Oh... I remembered my 1st of September... hahah I still remember it :)
Do you remember you first day of school?~

And aslo my korean courses started too :) And you know, our first hw✌️ ... =homework 😅 is to write a letter! And our topic is... well, you can put it - "오랜만이다" 😆 Ironically :)
I`m sorry, I will try to write more in korean too :) But so many of you are actually good in English... hm ahah
And, Seungkwan, your pronunciation! is very good! You shouldn`t give up learning English, okay?! :) You`re doing so great!! :)
Radio in English one day?? :D ahaha sorry :D
The8, you`re doing great too! c: Keep on learning and speaking :)

Alright, I think I`ll end my letter here✨ :)
And I`m sorry if I wrote something that might have upsetted you.
And the letter again turned out so long, I`m sorry🙈 
Seventeen, I hope you will see the good fans who support and care about you. I hope you wouldn`t worry too much, and won`t spend time being sad.
I believe in you!✨ Stay healthy!
Thank you for everything...
I haven`t forgotten about you.. `:)
I won`t plan anything about my next letter🙈 and I`m really thankful if you read these!!! 😊
Thank you! C:

Your friendly fan from Russia :)
To where you will come
Or not
I hope 😄
Bye~!! :)


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