제 목 ㅡFor Joshua Hong🌼🐰
첨부파일 작성인 ilyjoshuahng 등록일 2017.09.09
its been a long time since i didnt visited here for writing a sweetest lettee for you. how are you today? i hope you feel is good since youre in Malaysia right now for the concert. im so happy to see your preview is appears in my timeline, and ure smiles a lot with your new haircolor, its really suits on you!! 

today is D-14 concert but im so sorry to cant attend your concert because for now im so busy to preparing my thesis on this semester. i really want to see you but i believe in God and i put my hopes on Him for makes the beautiful meeting story between us, one day. so, i wish i can see u in another chance with happy heart❤

since today is the day, diamond edge in malaysia, please take care of your health, dont skip your meals and dont practice too hard♡ malaysian carats cant wait to see you and all of svts members so i hope u enjoyed your time during concert tonight♡
when i walk too far,
believe me, i'll get back to you
i've promise to my self
that i'll always stay with you, support you
and gives you tons of love
i wont leave you alone, joshua

ㅡ Maretiana (( @ilyjoshuahong ))



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안녕 하세요 조슈아 오빠 ~!! 🌸👻
this is my first time writing a letter to u ppftt hahaha i just want to say 사랑해요 ! i hope u are in a good condition :3 please always be healthy ' ^ ' )9 take care of yourself. dont skip meals okey okey?
p/s : i will write a longer letter for u next time 😂😂😂

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