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Hi Seventeen. I am your new fan. I am a Filipina but based in Zurich Switzerland. I am currently working here as IT programmer in Union Bank of Switzerland. With that said, I am very far right now from Korea or my home country. I really wish I can see you sometime soon though. :) I came to be your fan recently. I am browsing youtube and saw Dont wanna Cry video. I really like your songs and dancing. And I became your fan when I knew your were deeply involved in the production of your crafts. Proud fan here. I especially like The8 and Jeonghan. You guys are good dancer and singer. Hope you will see this letter. And I am currently searching how I can avail your albums for my guilty pleasure. Kind of hard looking for korean store here in Zurich. Hope you can recommend to me a good online store. Thanks and God bless you and your team always. Bye!


mave17 2017-12-01 오후 4:46:00 Modify delete

Welcome n_n/
Greetings form Ecuador yeah

bbdotbdot 2017-11-26 오후 6:19:00 Modify delete

Nahh~ I'm a new fan as well ... just started last September. I don't even know if this site is still active :)

Mama_Chen 2017-11-26 오후 5:44:00 Modify delete

Thank you! Kind a new, thus do no know how to navigate much in this site :)

bbdotbdot 2017-11-26 오후 5:41:00 Modify delete


a co-Filipina!!! YEY!! Welcome to the Diamond Life.

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