제 목 Dear Pledis
첨부파일 작성인 t89by 등록일 2017.12.08
Seventeen worked so hard to produce 13 songs for their 2nd Full Album. But you did absolutely nothing to their promotions. Not even one variety show. Have you forgot that you have done this many times to your previous artists and you failed? Without Seventeen, Pledis won't be what it is today. Pledis lacks a lot. Listen to Carats. If Pledis don't listen to Carats, we will take over. This is an important life cycle for a group Seventeen. Seventeen is coming to their 3rd year, but you are doing worse promotions than their 1st - 2nd years. Many Carats are scared of Seventeen's future because it's all Pledis's fault. Please, listen. Promote Seventeen more. They deserve bettee than this.


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I can't speak korean but i hope you will take care of our seventeen And to promote them in programs .. We the carats want to see a lot of Seventeen
we love seventeen so much
please take care of them plllleeeaasssseee.

thank you 💕

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