제 목 Please stay healthy SEVENTEEN
첨부파일 작성인 deekeiboo 등록일 2017.12.10

our boys do their best everyday and you can obviously see that with the awards that they get. SEVENTEEN always do their very best for us, Carats and we love them for that. But it is quite worrisome because they look tired. They already lost enough weight. It may look attracting to others but it is actually not. Please don't OVERWORK them and give them proper rest. Don't give them a diet to prevent them from getting fat but make it so they can REMAIN and BE HEALTHY.

Leader oppa, please, I prefer how you look in your previous album. Please, please, please, regain your cute chubby cheeks.

Dokyum oppa, you too, you look hot in your comeback but nooooo, you actually look tired.

Everyone too, my Jeonghan oppa, don't get sick. Eat plenty of meat.

I don't want to imply something but please TAKE GOOD CARE of SVT, Pledis.




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