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note: I have never written a letter to you guys so this might come off as cringy

note (2): I wish I could easily understand Korean so that I don't have to constantly wait for 1thek's subs (I will learn using magic one day, watch me)

I wish this simple message will bring you guys a smile on your faces.


But despite that, I wish you all a Merry, Merry Christmas. I know its a bit early but I just wanted to say that before everyone else floods you with Merry Christmas in your social media accounts. Take care of your health, you guys. I've noticed some of you guys have gotten skinnier since Pretty U era. I don't blame you all but seeing you working so hard makes my heart melt. You really care for us, Carats, and I can see it. Clap was really good! I like it that you guys also tackled a nonromantic (lmao that's not a word i laf) title track, its refreshing~


But nevertheless, I love you guys. Take care always! We, Carats, will make you shine brighter.


(Y'all should take a long break or something 'cause you deserve some nice rest)

ilysm and God bless!




Nandayulfi 2017-12-15 오후 2:43:00 Modify delete

I love you mingyu

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