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첨부파일 작성인 Mollyluvsjun 등록일 2017.12.16
Dear 세븐틴 조슈아, I have many things I'd like to say to you (seventeen as a whole). Though I can't fit them all in this text, I can summarize what I'm trying to say. Your group members, including yourself, have impacted me so much. I am not the happiest person. Of course, I live a nice life in my small home in the city and I have it better than a lot of people. But having everything does not always make someone happy. Somehow though, you guys have made me a happier person. When I see any of your faces (especially Junhui) or hear your voice in a song, my mood brightens. It's like you bring light into dark situations. I'm not trying to be poetic or anything lol I'm just being honest. You are so humble in all that you do. I love how your promotions didn't last that long for Clap and you didn't get the most wins, but you did get meaningful awards and you cherished them. Meanwhile you helped with adoption centers and the girl who wanted to meet you before her sickness took over. Honestly, to say that I know you guys is a privilege. Your songs are so powerful, your vocal line is under appreciated. They pour their hearts out into every song. Your rap line is under appreciated. They work so hard, finding rhythm and remembering every lyric. Your performance team is under appreciated. They dance better than half of the kpop groups I know of. Your leaders, Choi Seungcheol, Kwon Soonyoung and Lee Jihoon are under appreciated. With Soonyoung choreographing everything to Jihoon writing every lyric and composing songs to Seungcheol, who leads you all consistently and powerfully, with no rest sometimes. You are a team. You are the best team I know. To see you all love each other is a beautiful thing. I wish I could love you all like that. Though I sit on my couch at 4am, writing these notes that I will probably never send. I appreciate you so much. I buy your albums and merchandise just so you know I cherish you. I keep them in my room to look at everyday and feel proud to know that I am a carat. And this small message for Junhui, please never stop being you. I know people don't recognize you for the gentle, soft boy you are underneath your wicked gaze and leather jeans. My butterfly. You are all my butterflies. Keep soaring. I am so proud of you. I love you all so so much. I hope this wasn't weird. thanks for everything my loves.


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