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첨부파일 작성인 KAMJAGIYA 등록일 2017.12.26

🎵 HONNE - Someone That Loves You


"—you have someone that loves you,

yeah she loves you too"


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❄️ merry belated christmas

feliz navidad

selamat natal seungkwan 🎄


i hope you had a great time & may only good things come to you :) have a joyful day ahead!!! how did you spend your christmas this year? did you get to spend it with the rest of members? i hope your family too spent christmas warmly, always remember that they're supeeer proud of you & your existence is valid, people love you just the way you are, thank you for being an inspiration to many including me


though i don't celebrate christmas it's really nice to see christmas vibe around my place~*~* i hope you've been enjoying the christmas vibe as well, stay warm seungkwan! the weather in seoul is VERY cold these days, right >< is it still snowing there? ah too bad i live in tropical country where there's no snow, so yeah, i haven't got the chance to witness snow with my own eyes. i hope i could though, someday!


i really really hope you're always happy, seungkwan, it's really painful to see someone who makes me happy is sad :) always do what you love & love what you do


i spent this day with watching film! have you watched this, i think it's quite a hit movie in korea as well! it's called '택시운전사' or in english it's called 'A Taxi Driver' i did some research and it's actually the fifth highest grossing domestic film in south korea!! 대박!!! 😆😆😆 also, there's a drama from OCN that made a come back recently with it's second season! '나쁜 녀석들' or 'Bad Guys' i fell in love with the first season that's why i'm pretty much excited to watch the second one! i'm digging everything about crime honestly 😄😄 but i'm still waiting for english subtitles ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ language barrier makes everything harder but a good thing, it encourages you to learn another language 🙈


about language barrier, i also notice that your next goal is to learn more language including japanese and english, that's a really good choice seungkwan! learning language may be hard but there's so many options to learn language in fun way, one of the options is by watching movies! ㅋㅋㅋ


ahh sorry for today's word vomit, i missed talking on fanmail here, though there's no guarantee that you'll read this, but it's all fine for me~


thank you for working hard, seungkwan

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수고했어요 고마워 (*´`*)╯♡



aimee / 아이미


your little star




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