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첨부파일 작성인 KAMJAGIYA 등록일 2017.12.27

🎵 치즈 - 무드 인디고 (Mood Indigo)


"Oh When I Fall In Love

그대와 함께 한다면

사라질 꿈이라도

달콤하기만 하죠

지금 순간

순간을 믿어요

When I Fall In Love With You"


안녕 , my moon, bulan, 승관 🌙✨


hi hello! good (not so) morning!! 😅 it's currently 11.29 AM in my country, your country is 2 hours ahead from mine, means it's 01.29 PM in Seoul 🇰🇷❄️ i rarely write fanmail during the day since i have school and stuff to do! but since it's holiday i can take any time i need to write a long letter for you~ indeed holiday makes everything better, don't forget take time & relax a bit seungkwan👌😊


how do you spend the new year soon? ah there'll be gayo on December 31 😆 good luck seungkwan! i know Seventeen's performance will never fail to amaze carats!! you family is so proud of you working hard and strive for the best!


for me, i'll spend the new year in my mom's hometown~ the first & last time i went there was around 2006? ahh it's been a long time. ohoho almost forgot you guys will have campfire pre-recording on December 30! >< it's also on Joshua's birthday! i hope you guys will have a good time with carats, it's always a pleasant feeling to meet up with carats, right ❤️


since teen,age promotion has ended, is there any thing that you like to do? like wonwoo & scoups who's a game geek & minghao who likes to occupy himself with reading books! i hear that you like to watch movies (& volleyball match of course) ㅋㅋㅋ also you start to write lyrics huhu little things like that make me admire you more and more ㅠㅠㅠㅠ i wish for the preparation for caratland, caratcamp, and other events that'll be held soon, will go on smoothly! enjoy the progress like ocean wave 🌊🌊 


what's your feeling when you got to throw the first ball for your favorite volleyball team? all in all you did great!!! your spike was so good :O i learned volleyball too but it's always hard! and my arms get red often it kinda hurts, volleyball simply ain't my forte 😅😅


ah since you guys posted a playlist just then, here's my version of song playlist to listen with your loved ones at the end of the year~*~*


moonlight song recommendations, new year edition 🌙

  • McKay - Angel 2 Me (feat. Jeff Bernat)
  • Loco - 감아 (feat. Crush)
  • Hyukoh cover - Isn't She Lovely
  • Mad Clown, BrotherSu - 만화처럼
  • Lauv - Come Back Home
  • Max & Alyson Stoner cover - Sweather Weather
  • LANY - ILYSB (Stripped)


have a good day, seungkwan, thank you for working hard 💪

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aimee / 아이미


your little star





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