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Hello, Seventeeeeen!😊😊😊 I have passed aaaall of my credits!!! Now, I can start to prepare for the exams ㅋㅋㅋ But I'm very happy!!! It`s the 29th of December...which means, it's 🌲 days till the New Year!😅 "🌲 color is..." 😅 Weather in Russia: +1 흠? Right! PLUS + 1 :D And there is no snow... it was snowing for a day or two recently... but that's it 😕 Am I really in Russia? 😅 And yesterday it was raining 😮☔ Pheew, but...really...I'm so happy to have passed all of my credits! I had a credit on the 25th of December, so I couldn't write much, my thoughts were just somewhere in the credit... there were 2 girls before me that didn't pass...😶 and that's when I started to worry🙊 But then... I just went there thinking "okay, if I don't pass it...then..I will just know my mistakes, and I will correct them, that's it." But I passed!!!😄 In the end, just 5 people in our group, out of 14 people passed that credit!!😮🙈😄 The next day I was just sleeping all day 😅 And on the 27th I had another credit but an easy one...😄👍😅 And we also study on 30th of December 😅 tomorrow 😔👍that's alright...not on the 31st 🙈😅 So, yeah.. russian students in the end of December usually have credits, then in January are exams and no classes, and in February are holidays😌 * * * Minghao, I hope you`re feeling better! And thank you for sharing about how you feel! It makes me not worried, and I am very thankful for that.😊 But even if there is something to worry about, please, still share!! Thank you, guys for helping to deliver coal!! You brought coal for someone, but there's warmth in my heart😊💗 Well done, guys! And Hoshi, thank you too for donating your jacket to charity!! This is 멋있어! And this is what I was talking about once... a strong-willed person you are! Congratulations also on winning the "Best kcon special stage" and "Choreography of the year" at the K-Ville Music Awards for the "Don`t Wanna Cry" music video pheeew ㅎㅎ :) 💗 Your choreography is really awesome 😊 Thank you for your music playlist too!😊🎶 ❄Brown Eyed Soul - Home 🎁LOCO - 지나쳐 (TOO MUCH) (Feat.Dean) 🎄MFBTY (Yoonmirae, Tige JK, Bizzy) - Angel 🎅Han Dong Geun - Where We Were in Love 🎉Soyou ft. Kwon Jeong Yeol (10cm) - 어깨 (Lean On Me) 🎀Bon Jovi - All About Lovin' You "Brown Eyed Soul - Home" waah..this song is very beautiful!😌~~ and I have a feeling I have heard it somewhere already😌❄✨ Soyou ft. Kwon Jeong Yeol (10cm) - 어깨 (Lean On Me)... 😌💖 I also listen to "Bon Jovi" these days! To this song 🎵"Please Come Home For Christmas"😌💛🎄❄ I've got a feeling... that this playlist was created by...Seungkwan or Dk, or Woozi? 😄😄 Anyway, thank you for a nice playlist, with new songs I discovered, Seventeen! 😊✨ 😊 I have already decorated the Christmas tree🌲➡🎄😄 it is in orange and blue and purple colors 💜🍊💙 (toys are blue) and I wonder if you did too...😮😄🎄❄🎀or decorated the dorm somehow😊 ahahah I'm really so happy😊 Though there is no snow, there are beautiful installations now on the sreets of Moscow right now that I want to see so~~~~!! Ahah, you can say that I'm buzzing, it means I'm very happy and excited... buzzing like an alarm clock 🕙 or a 🐝 bzz bzzz Bzzz Bzz bzzz Bzz 😄 bzz ...Time really flies!! It's the end of the year and I can't believe... it has been a year already.. I want to stay in this year for a little longer. But.. really, any year can be what we make it to be 💞 If this year was Seventeen`s year, then 2018 will be President Putin`s year!! ㅎㅎㅎ Because it`s the election of the Russian President on the 18th of March`18!! 😅😅 How they matched the date with the year, I wonder!!! Well,I hope everyone is alright and that no one is sick! I'm not sick! 😄 Watch a cartoon and your mood will rise as well! Take care! Ahah, I'm so happy 😃 P.s.: If you were looking for advice to read something....ㅎㅎ so, right now I'm reading "Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens😊 I've read the first chapter already and I've gotta say I like it😃 I also have stickers and I place them on the sides of the book, on the left or right.. I'm thinking about deviding them into different colors but what these colors would mean, I haven't thought of it yet 😅 Maybe one will be for quotes, another for words that I don't know(if I'm reading in English)... and so on! 😊 If you prefer watching something, then... cartoon that I'd like to advise to you, which I really like! is "Arthur Christmas"!!😊🎄💛 Hope you will enjoy! Bye! See 유! Hopefully, this year 😄 Have a good day today! Fighting!❄🐝✨ I'm so happy, I don't know ㅋㅋ "Happiness is when you have nothing to add. When you're thankful for all that you have." From Russia~~~


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