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Hello, Seventeen!
안녕😄세요!! ㅎㅎㅎ Wooohoooo ~~ hello!

I hope! You're all! doing very well :)
That like... you hear birds singing, cats meowing (마음에서) want to sing~~~ dance while walking, pick up flowers....and...spacewalking...o.o :D

And firstly...
I hope, Minghao, you' re doing much better!! Hey!!! Get well spoon...🦋 (there is no emoji for spoon, don't ☝️ roof)
Hello, it's us. me and my jokes 😎 I don't know...sometimes I do make kind of.. silly jokes. So, sorry when it is so :D But...we go together..:D when I heard that Jun sometimes makes jokes, laughs at them and then everyone laughs, because he laughs, it reminded me of myself and I laughed :`D

Congratulations on winning the Bonsang award at the "Golden Disk"! I`m very happy for you!! :)
I hope you had a great time! And your performances were very good as always! But cropped... which was a pity a bit :) and the "Clap" version I liked very much! Can hear you've chanded something... :) Sounds nice ahaha and the secret dance running man challenge...hahah interesting! Noticed it a while ago! And couldn`t stop listening to that song "Ghost Town DJs - My Boo
"😅 What a surname indeed!

The cover of "As one says" was very pretty :)✨ and the song as well ✨ It was very soulful and I really liked the changing of you in the talking part! Thank you!

And it was quite unexpected to hear about the Special album! 😃 Unexpected...but very good news✨✨✨ Very interesting about what you have prepeared! :) And when you thanked Carats for supporting you, although you sometimes make mistakes... well, to be honest, we all make them... and when you start to realize it, it is easier to forgive others.. or at least try to understand them.. and when you have put so much wonderful in our hearts.. with your music and your support, your understanding attitude, your diverse.. and very nice personalities :) your persormances filled with hard-work, your care, with feelings and worries that you share and so much more! Of course, it makes our hearts to be very greatful to you too! It taught me also a lot of things. And, well, you don`t actually make many mistakes... :D So, thank you again and forgive us all too when there`s something wrong..

So, Seventeen, I hope you had a great day! which is already over.. I`m so sorry for often writing a bit late! 🙈 
I hope tomorrow you`ll also have a great day! :) And that you`re combining work with enough rests too :)
It`s -7 in Russia and I heard it`s pretty cold in Korea too, so dress warm, wear a hat! :D eat enough and try to not get sick.

The yesterday was amazing!! I passed my exam and finally got a chance to hang out with my nephews!! :D 
It`s not that I`m very busy when I I prefer to fill most of my time with preparations... or thinking of it :D which is not very good sometimes, I guess... Every exam I will pass, so don`t worry if you are! `:D You have to do really nothing to not pass them..
It`s just the mark that I should work for..but, like I once already shared, it`s the knowledge that I decided to work for in the first place :)
There are also some other things I wanted to write and share about but I have to go now... for a walk with my nephews!!~ today too!! (who, well, are actually not my nephews 🙈 they are kids of my neighbor, but we`ve known each other for a long time, and feel very close, so I call them my nephews :)

Lately, I don`t really edit these letters much, so, I hope they are still alright :) :D
Bye! :)


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