제 목 To. Scoups
첨부파일 작성인 bbdotbdot 등록일 2018.01.13

Hello Scoups oppa~

I've been really worried about you lately (TT....TT).


I saw your recent videos and even though you look really handsome, I can see that you lost a lot of weight. I know you are working hard to look more beautiful for us Carats and to be a better artist but please take care of yourself. We would also like to see more from you but if that means your health won't be taken care off, then forget it. I would rather see you healthy than zombie tired. Don't forget that you are already the Scoups that we love and we Carats will always love and support you no matter. I just wanted to say this even though this message has a very low possibility of reaching you. Again, please please please!! take care of yourself and keep in mind that we love you. XOXO 






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